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The Erwitt project brings history back to life
Giacomo Favilla brings the past to life with his “Vintage Bluetooth Radio” project.

Have you ever stumbled upon something from the past that made you feel a deep connection to nostalgic memories? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a young man named Giacomo Favilla, who’s not only a photographer but also knows a thing or two about Electronics and Telecommunications. He was on a trip to Sweden when he noticed something fascinating – lots of old radios from back in the day, just sitting in shops as decoration. These old radios caught his eye, and when he got back to Italy, he decided to do something amazing with them. He wanted to bring a piece of history back to life in a modern way. So, he came up with the Erwitt | Vintage Radio Bluetooth project. The idea was to take these old radios and make them work with today’s technology, like smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Power-driven bluetooth vintage radio ®
Erwitt Store ® 2017

Giacomo’s first attempt was with an old radio that belonged to his granddad. He kept the beautiful and classic look on the outside but made some clever changes inside so it could connect to Bluetooth. People loved what he did, and in 2017, he showed off his project at the East Market in Milan. It was so successful that he decided to open an online store and later a physical shop where he could work on these radios ↑.

Each vintage radio → has its own unique sound, and Giacomo used the best wireless technology available to make sure that sound could still be enjoyed along with our modern gadgets.


This dossier refers to the topics covered by the third virtuous design practice “Limited resources for a proper livelihood” and It aims to decrease the use of a resource when it is not needed.

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12 October 2023


 12 October 2023